Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Offenders: Saving the world while serving detention by Jerry Craft

Saving the World While Serving Detention!

"... funny, exciting, and the most charming thing I've read in ages. Writing something entertaining is tough, but writing something important is even tougher. Jerry and his boys have made it look easy."

-- Drew Pearce writer of Iron Man 3
Middle Grade Novel Takes on Bullying ... With a Twist!
BULLIES BEWARE! A freak accident gives five middle school bullies super powers. But instead of being able to transform into cool super-beings, they are forced to take on the characteristics of the kids they pick on. Sure their abilities may be at an all-time high, but do they really have what it takes to save their school when their self-esteem is at an all-time low?
The only thing they know for sure is they're about to learn one "powerful" lesson in compassion!
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Our pre-release tour has gotten great press, including my 13 year old son Aren's first live TV interview on Eyewitness News with Tina Martin (photo right)
Aren also had the pleasure of being a guest on HuffPost Live and got to talk with Drew Pearce, the writer of Iron Man 3, who also provided the cover blurb above. Watch interview.

Multicultural, Common Core and more!...
Dexter Diaz, one of the few Latinos starring in a middle grade / YA book.
Anti Bullying: We show kids how the way they act can effect others.
Funny and Exciting: A book that both boys and girls will WANT to read. You can't teach them unless you can reach them.
MultiCultural: Our super powered team is made up of 3 boys and 2 girls from various backgrounds: Caucausian, Korean, African American, Mixed Race and Latino.
Aligned with the Common Core State Standards:
BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Social Issues / Bullying
Guided Reading level – W
Grade level Equivalent- 6
Interest level- grades 5-8 (middle school reader)Ages 12-up
I'm proud to announce that The Offenders has already been chosen by a Junior High School in NY for their One Book One School program. They purchased a book for each of their middle schoolers! I visited the school and spoke to close to 900 kids, including those in detention. :)
The photo to the right is from a book fair at a school in CT. My workshops show them what it takes to make a book: Creating characters, writing, re-writing, drawing and publishing.

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