Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October is Black Speculative Fiction Month!

Of course it is! It's Halloween month! And horror, skeletons, and speculation work wonderfully together. So yes, Black Speculative Fiction Month! Check out this site to see upcoming events.

So we folks in Black Speculative Fiction are all doing a blog blast to get you guys out there reading.

First, there are some folks out there who think
A) that Black writers only write hood-drug-ho stories OR Christian stories.
or B) that Black readers aren't interested in scifi, fantasy, speculative fiction.

Well, those folks are wrong.

Sales for the anthologies of Milton Davis prove there is a thirst out there in the Black community for fantasy that tells our stories. I would highly recommend buying one of Milton Davis' anthologies if you don't want to dive into the unknown. Most of the stories in these anthologies are written by writers who have already published books.

One of the biggest frustrations African-American lovers of fantasy have is
A) Dealing with Irish elves, Euro-stereotypical characters, stories that don't connect to the Black experience, and books with no real Black characters

B) what our genre is called. Our version of fantasy is called Sword and Soul; our version of Science Fiction is called Afrofuturist; and our version of steampunk and dieselpunk is called Steamfunk and Dieselfunk.

Where to look to find these books: ONLINE!!!!

Some great Black authors to look for:
Valjeanne Jeffers

 There is also moi 

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