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Black Speculative Fiction Month: Minister Faust

  • Paperback: 531 pages
  • Publisher: Del Rey; First Edition edition (August 3, 2004)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0345466357
  • ISBN-13: 978-0345466358

  • Hamza and Yehat are The Coyote Kings–best friends, one a disgruntled dishwasher and the other a video store clerk, but each brilliant in his own right. Yehat builds prototypes of space-age inventions in his spare time, while Hamza, a former English honors student who was kicked out of the university, writes lush, lyrical poems when he’s not blocked–which, these days, is nearly always.

    When the gorgeous, mysterious Sherem shows up in E-Town decked out in desert finery, Hamza’s creative spark is ignited. Who is this sophisticated woman that speaks arcane African tongues, quotes from obscure comics and Star Wars movies, yet seems somehow too ethereal for the world Hamza inhabits? And what is the lost artifact that she and a cast of coiffed collectors and criminal cultists so desperately seek? As Hamza falls blindly in love with Sherem, little does he know that he and Yehat play the biggest part of all in the recovery of the ancient relic–and in the future of all living beings. . . .

    Two Sudanese “Lost Boys.” Both fathers murdered during civil war. Both mothers forced into exile through lands where the only law was violence. To survive, they became ruthless loners and child soldiers, before finding mystic mentors who transformed them to create their destinies. One, known to the streets as the Supreme Raptor. The other, known to the Greeks as Horus, son of Osiris. Separated by seven thousand years, and connected by immortal truth. Both born in fire Both baptised in blood Both brutalised by the wicked Both elevated by mystic madmen Both sworn to transform the world And themselves By the power... of Alchemy. *** A re-imagining of an ancient myth, and the invocation of a modern, urban reality, The Alchemists of Kush is the first novel to explore the lives of Somali and Sudanese youth in North America. Written by the award-winning maverick novelist Minister Faust, who's increasingly described as one of the finest voices of his generation, The Alchemists of Kush is a visionary novel that will anger, shock, profoundly move, and even transform its readers.

    “An outlandish, outrageous tour de force by the most innovative prose stylist in the field.”
    –Robert J. Sawyer, author of Hominids

    They’re Earth’s mightiest superteam–and dysfunctional as hell.

    OMNIPOTENT MAN–a body with the density of steel, and a brain to match

    THE FLYING SQUIRREL–aging playboy industrialist by day, avenging krypto-fascist by night

    IRON LASS–mythology’s greatest warrior–but the world might be safer if she had a husband

    X-MAN–formerly of the League of Angry Blackmen . . . but not formerly enough

    THE BROTHERFLY–radioactively fly

    POWER GRRRL–perpetually deciding between fighting crime or promoting her latest album, clothing line, or sex scandal

    Having finally defeated all archenemies, the members of the Fantastic Order of Justice are reduced to engaging in toxic office politics that could very well lead to a superpowered civil war. Only one woman can save them from themselves: Dr. Eva Brain-Silverman, aka Dr. Brain, the world’s leading therapist for the extraordinarily abled.

    “Faust has pretty much invented his own genre. He’s totally original, full of surprises.”
    –Richard K. Morgan, author of Altered Carbon

    “Samuel Delany, Harlan Ellison, and Ishmael Reed all rolled into one. Faust’s writing is biting, insightful, and hugely entertaining.”
    –Ernest Dickerson, director

    Minister Faust is a long-time community activist, writer, journalist, broadcaster, public speaker and martial artist in several disciplines.

    A lifelong fan of science fiction, his earliest memories of the genre were watching Star Trek: The Original Series in black & white and having his mother read to him from Robert Heinlein's Red Planet.

    After deciding to become a comic book writer and artist when he was ten, he secretly changed his ambition to science fiction novelist after glancing through the glossary to Frank Herbert's Dune. He'd planned to become an ecologist so as to gain Herbert's ecological depth, but before his first university class switched his entire enrollment to English Literature, having concluded that learning to write was more relevant to the career of a writer, and that going to endless lab classes at 7 am for four years would likely be hell on earth.

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    Black Speculative Fiction Month: Masoth: the Journey Beyond

    • Paperback: 408 pages
    • Publisher: Aventine Press (December 6, 2012)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1593308027
    • ISBN-13: 978-1593308025

    "Masoth: The Journey Beyond" is the story of a man named Ezra Lyons who has lost his way. After everything that he has come to accept as reality falls apart he stands at a crossroads wishing that he could start a new life somewhere else. By chance, he finds himself transported, on a journey, to a strange and mysterious universe where the culture he left behind may be the key to finding a purpose beyond anything he could have imagined.

    Ehav Ever - author of
    Masoth: The Journey Beyond - a sci-fi novel-- is an American born Israeli who lives in Jerusalem. He holds a Bachelor's of Science in Electrical Engineering from Prairie View A&M University and was a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. He is a YouTube video blogger at "The Chronicles of Ehav Ever" and has written articles for the Institute of Jewish Ideas and Ideals.
    Drawing upon a mix of interests in science fiction, Senegalese culture, and Jewish philosophy Ehav Ever creates an intricate tale from a perspective rarely seen in sci-fi literature. So, if you are brave enough and strong of heart, join him on this Journey Beyond.

    Thursday, October 3, 2013

    Black Speculative Fiction: Novels by Balogun Ojetade

    “I’m gon’ drive the evil out and send it back to Hell, where it belong!” – Harriet Tubman Harriet Tubman: Freedom fighter. Psychic. Soldier. Spy. Something…more. Much more. In “MOSES: The Chronicles of Harriet Tubman (Book 1: Kings * Book 2: Judges)”, the author masterfully transports you to a world of wonder…of horror…of amazing inventions, captivating locales and extraordinary people. In this novel of dark fantasy (with a touch of Steampunk), Harriet Tubman must match wits and power with the sardonic John Wilkes Booth and a team of hunters with powers beyond this world in order to save herself, her teenaged nephew, Ben and a little girl in her care – Margaret. But is anyone who, or what, they seem?

    Sent nearly thirty years into the past as an unwilling subject in a time travel experiment, Ezekiel Cross must save his younger self from the deadly path that forged him into the ruthless killer he is.

    Follow Ezekiel on this edge-of-your-seat adventure that is both gangster saga and science fiction epic.

     September 9, 2012
    An exciting Sword and Soul tale by Balogun Ojetade, Once Upon a Time in Afrika Tells the story of a beautiful princess and her eager suitors. Desperate to marry off his beautiful but "tomboyish" duaghter, Esuseeke, the Emperor of Oyo, consults the Oracle. The Oracle tells the Emperor Esuseeke must marry the greatest warrior in all Onile (Afrika). To determine who is the greatest warrior, the Emperor hosts a grand martial arts tournament inviting warrior from all over the continent. Unknown to the warriors and spectators of the tournament a powerful evil is headed their way. Will the warriors band together against this evil?

    Wednesday, October 2, 2013

    Black Speculative Fiction Month: Charles R Saunders

    Saunders' novel fuses the narrative style of fantasy fiction with a pre-colonial, alternate Africa. Inspired by and directly addresses the alienation of growing up an African American fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy, which to this day remains a very ethnically homogonous genre. It addresses this both structurally (via its unique setting) and thematically (via its alienated, tribeless hero-protagonist). The tribal tensions and histories presented in this fantasy novel reflect actual African tribal histories and tensions, and provide a unique perspective to current and recent conflicts in Africa, particularly the Rwandan genocide and the ongoing conflict in The Sudan.

    The first ever African American 1930s avenger sets out to stop a Nazi plot to subvert a championship fight. From deepest Africa to the streets of 1930s Harlem, the action is none stop. Written by famed novelist Charles Saunders, with interior illos by Clayton Hinkle and a cover by Charles Fetherolf, this is a history making pulp adventure fans do not want to miss.

    Black Speculative Fiction Month: Novels by Octavia Butler

    Here's the blurb:

    Dana, a modern black woman, is celebrating her twenty-sixth birthday with her new husband when she is snatched abruptly from her home in California and transported to the antebellum South. Rufus, the white son of a plantation owner, is drowning, and Dana has been summoned to save him. Dana is drawn back repeatedly through time to the slave quarters, and each time the stay grows longer, more arduous, and more dangerous until it is uncertain whether or not Dana's life will end, long before it has a chance to begin.

    When unattended environmental and economic crises lead to social chaos, not even gated communities are safe. In a night of fire and death Lauren Olamina, a minister's young daughter, loses her family and home and ventures out into the unprotected American landscape. But what begins as a flight for survival soon leads to something much more: a startling vision of human destiny... and the birth of a new faith.

    Lauren Olamina's love is divided among her young daughter, her community, and the revelation that led Lauren to found a new faith that teaches "God Is Change". But in the wake of environmental and economic chaos, the U.S. government turns a blind eye to violent bigots who consider the mere existence of a black female leader a threat. And soon Lauren must either sacrifice her child and her followers -- or forsake the religion that can transform human destiny.

    Tuesday, October 1, 2013

    October is Black Speculative Fiction Month!

    Of course it is! It's Halloween month! And horror, skeletons, and speculation work wonderfully together. So yes, Black Speculative Fiction Month! Check out this site to see upcoming events.

    So we folks in Black Speculative Fiction are all doing a blog blast to get you guys out there reading.

    First, there are some folks out there who think
    A) that Black writers only write hood-drug-ho stories OR Christian stories.
    or B) that Black readers aren't interested in scifi, fantasy, speculative fiction.

    Well, those folks are wrong.

    Sales for the anthologies of Milton Davis prove there is a thirst out there in the Black community for fantasy that tells our stories. I would highly recommend buying one of Milton Davis' anthologies if you don't want to dive into the unknown. Most of the stories in these anthologies are written by writers who have already published books.

    One of the biggest frustrations African-American lovers of fantasy have is
    A) Dealing with Irish elves, Euro-stereotypical characters, stories that don't connect to the Black experience, and books with no real Black characters

    B) what our genre is called. Our version of fantasy is called Sword and Soul; our version of Science Fiction is called Afrofuturist; and our version of steampunk and dieselpunk is called Steamfunk and Dieselfunk.

    Where to look to find these books: ONLINE!!!!

    Some great Black authors to look for:
    Valjeanne Jeffers

     There is also moi 

    wind follower

    wind follower