Friday, June 8, 2012



Michelle McGriff

  • Paperback:
     288 pages
  • Publisher: Urban Books; Original edition (October 25, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1601623232
  • ISBN-13: 978-1601623232
  • After receiving one million dollars from her late best friend Marcy's insurance policy, Lacy finds her quiet existence shattered as she is thrust into the spotlight--especially when it is revealed that Marcy was murdered.

    Misery loves company. More than an old cliché, those words become an obsession for Phoebe DuChamp. Once the popular and pretty all-American high school sweetheart, Phoebe lost it all when she married the wrong man soon after graduation. Harold, the star quarterback and king of the playboys, has made Phoebe’s life miserable for ten years. Instead of divorcing Harold, Phoebe finally devises a way to make his life miserable too. Her plot backfires, however, when she becomes a victim in a tragic boating accident. When Harold is unable to collect on her million-dollar insurance policy, it appears that Phoebe may have won out in the end.Shy and quiet, Lacy was less than popular in high school, and often walked in the shadow of her unlikely best friend, Phoebe. Now she’s content to live behind the scenes as a voiceover actress for a well-liked cartoon character. When she finds herself the beneficiary of Phoebe’s insurance policy, Lacy’s quiet life is thrown into the spotlight—especially when cryptic clues start to point to murder. Phoebe's brother, homicide detective Marcel DuChamp, just won't allow "The Case of the Accident Prone Prom Queen" to rest. If he's not careful, he could trip into something that will take him on more turns and loops than a rollercoaster ride.
    --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.
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