Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Man's Inhumanity to Man

Here's the blurb for Kenya - Child Prostitution

Kenya's stunning beaches attract thousands of tourists each year but this tropical paradise hides a harrowing secret. Children as young as 6 are having to risk their lives and sell sex in order to survive.
As night falls, Mombasas clubs fill up with European male tourists ogling teenage girls. The desperate teenagers wear high heels and pay a bribe to get in. The ultimate hope is Mzungu, a white man who will pay 5 times more for sex, than a Kenyan labourer can earn in a day. Three years ago a study by UNICEF reported that approximately 30% of the population of children aged between 12 and 18 were engaged in some form of sex work. Since this report, political violence and economic crisis has left 10 million Kenyans starving, forcing more youngsters into the sex trade. I started when I was 12. I could go into a nightclub and I could count 10 to 20 girls that were prostitutes, tells 14-year-old prostitute Leyla. I ask God, what I have done wrong? I am still a child and I am doing this. Dr Essam Ahmed works in Mombassas only sexual health clinic and explains there are many loopholes in the judicial system, it's very rare for a perpetrator to be jailed. And although the authorities say they are going to take strict action on those who are taking advantage of young children, the country fears any attack on its reputation could drive innocent tourists away.

The Ugly of War: Dying Children in a helicopter

Here's the blurb for Medevac -- Dying Child in Helicopter

30/09/09 A US medical evacuation (Medevac) crew chief recounts the most traumatic mission he has ever flown.

Tasha (korean name- yoon mi rae)

City of Fire by Laurence Yep

Here's the blurb:

Two-time Newbery Honor Award-winning author Laurence Yep kicks off an action-packednew fantasy trilogy!
Sure to appeal to fans of Rick Riordan and Eoin Colfer, this action-packed tale takes readers on an unforgettable journey through an alternate version of our world in 1941—a world filled with magical beings such as dragons in human form, tiny “lap griffins,” reincarnations of legendary Chinese warriors, Japanese folk creatures, and goddesses in disguise.
When her older sister dies trying to prevent the theft of one of her people’s great treasures, twelve-year-old Scirye sets out to avenge her and recover the precious item. Helping her are Bayang, a dragon disguised as a Pinkerton agent; Leech, a boy with powers he has not yet discovered; and Leech’s loyal companion Koko, who has a secret of his own. All have a grudge against the thieves who stole the treasure: the evil dragon Badik and the mysterious Mr. Roland.
Scirye and her companions pursue the thieves to Houlani, a new Hawaiian island being created by magic. There, they befriend Pele, the volatile and mercurial goddess of volcanoes. But even with Pele on their side, they may not be able to stop Mr. Roland from gaining what he seeks: the Five Lost Treasures of Emperor Yu. Together, the treasures will give him the power to alter the very fabric of the universe.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The spire : a novel

The spire : a novel
Richard North Patterson
New York : Henry Holt and Co., 2009.
371 p. ; 25 cm.

Here's the blurb:
Mark Darrow returns to Caldwell College 16 years after his graduation when his mentor, Lionel Farr, brings him back to become Caldwell's president. The school is still haunted by the tragic murder of Angela Hall, an African American student who was strangled and left outside the school's landmark spire. Fresh off a football victory, Mark was the one who found Angela, and it was his best friend, Steve, who was convicted of the murder. Now Caldwell is once again facing a scandal, but Mark can't forget Angela's murder, or the nagging feeling that his friend might be innocent. As his suspicions center on a former classmate who testified against Steve, Mark finds himself falling for Farr's daughter, Taylor, the first woman he's had serious feelings for since the death of his wife two years ago.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Lesser Blessed

The Lesser Blessed.
VAN CAMP, Richard.
Douglas & McIntyre.
pap. $16.
ISBN 978-1-55054-525-8.

Here's the blurb:

The Lesser Blessed is a powerful coming-of-age story - edgy, stark, and at times, darkly funny that centers around Larry, a Native teenager trying to cope with a painful past and find his place in a confusing and stressful modern world. Skinny as spaghetti, nervy, and self-deprecating, the 16-year-old is an appealing mixture of bravado and vulnerability. His life has held many terrors: an abusive father, blackouts from sniffing gasoline, and an accident that killed several cousins. He has a quick tongue, hallucinations, an appreciation for Iron Maiden, and hot fantasies about Juliet Hope, the school tramp. Eventually, through his friendship with Johnny Beck, a Native from another Nation, Larry develops an expanded world consciousness and a stability that helps him face his dark memories - and create a brighter future.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Connection Congo

Okay, who knew using a cell phone was contributing to exploitation in the Congo? Ah, me, even when we attempt to be enlightened, we accidentally, unknowingly sin.

Here it is at youtube -- a 24 minute documentary.

Here's the blurb:

Making mobile phones uses minerals only available from Congo's war zone. Is our appetite for the latest electronic gadgets fuelling exploitation in the Congoeven threatening the survival of central Africas magnificent gorillas?

On the inside of many devices like mobile phones and laptops, the mineral, Coltan, has made our gadgets smaller and more complex. In the mineral-rich Congo, armed militia watch over the children digging it from the ground. The government only pretends to help us says one miner, who pays a government official just to work. The Congo is a shifting sands of various militia, the largest of which is the Congolese state itself explains an expert on blood minerals. Yet the miners depend on the little they get from mining to survive. Electronic giants like Apple now claim they will no longer use Coltan from this area but experts are convinced the militias will smuggle it onto the market regardless. For local miners, the move away from African minerals is just another way of penalising Africans. Coltan fuels a conflict, which has seen national parks become war zones, gorillas killed for meat and hundreds of houses set on fire in turf wars over mineral territory. Yet it also feeds 400,000 petty traders. Why did it take a mobile phone to make us appreciate the injustice in the Congo?

Produced by ABC Australia, distributed by Journeyman Pictures

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kokia -- Since 1976

Racism, Misogyny, and the Othello Myth: Inter-racial Couples from Shakespeare to Spike Lee (Hardcover)

Racism, Misogyny, and the Othello Myth: Inter-racial Couples from Shakespeare to Spike Lee (Hardcover)

by Celia R. Daileader

  • Hardcover: 266 pages
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press (September 19, 2005)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0521848784
  • ISBN-13: 978-0521848787

Here's the blurb:

Through research spanning four centuries, in genres as diverse as English Renaissance drama, abolitionist literature, gothic horror and contemporary romance, Celia Daileader questions why Anglo-American culture's most widely-read canonical narratives of inter-racial sex feature a black male and a white female. This study considers the cultural obsession with Shakespeare's Othello, alongside the more pertinent issue of white male sexual predation upon black females. Daileader argues that myths about black male sexual rapacity and the danger of racial "pollution" were exploited to "protect" white female sexuality and exorcise collective guilt.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Devil's sanctuary : an eyewitness history of Mississippi hate crimes

Devil's sanctuary : an eyewitness history of Mississippi hate crimes
Alston, Alex A.,
Publisher: Lawrence Hill Books; 1 edition (July 1, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1556527632
ISBN-13: 978-1556527630
Here's the blurb:

Recalling the state’s shameful racist history of lynching, arson, denial of rights, false imprisonment, and other heinous crimes, this riveting narrative explores how Mississippi became a safe haven for the most violent and virulent racists, who were immune to prosecution for their crimes. This sanctuary of the then status quo emerged from the 1956 Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission’s efforts to preserve segregation and "Mississippi Values" by declaring the state outside the jurisdiction of the federal government. Analysis of the major crimes, the institutional collusion, delayed and never-delivered justice, and the state's attempts at atonement are interspersed with the authors' recollections of what they saw, heard, and experienced as whites—thus "insiders"—during this troubled time. With commentary extending to the present day, this is both a well-researched history and an eyewitness record of living through an era of judicial, media, and economic terrorism directed against African Americans.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yeah, cause she's Kokia and cause I love her and cause this is my blog

Daiji na Mono wa Mabuta no Ura lyrics:

Anata no mae ni nani ga mieru?
Iro toridori no miryoku afureru sekai?
Daiji na mono wa mabuta no ura
Koushite tojireba mietekuru

Tenmetsu shiteru hikari no naka de mo anata dake wa kienakatta
Daiji na mono wa mabuta no ura kara soushite daiji ni oboeteru

Watashi wa koko yo koko ni iru no
Atsui kumo ga sugu sokomade kiteru wa
Nemutte wa dame nemutte wa dame yo
Utsuro na me ga mabataki wo hajimeru yume wo miru ni wa mada hayai wa...

Kekkyoku subete wa shinjiru koto hanareru koto de chikaku natta
Kizuna mo ima wa hakkiri mieru watashi dake ga shitteru basho ga aru

Daiji na mono wa mabuta no ura kara yume janai imasugu ni mitsukaru daiji na basho

Watashi wa koko yo koko ni iru no
Ichiwa no tori ga ko wo egaite yuku wa
Damatte wa dame damatte wa dame yo
Yume no tsuzuki wa sono me de mireba ii

Maigo no watashi wa deguchi wo sagashite gamushara ni ibara wo aruku
Nagareru kono chi wa afureta kanjou
Doushite konna ni asetteiru no?

Watashi wa koko yo koko ni iru no
Atsui kumo ga sugu sokomade kiteru wa
Nemutte wa dame nemutte wa dame yo
Utsuro na me ga mabataki wo hajimeru

Watashi wa koko yo koko ni iru no
Ichiwa no tori ga ko wo egaite yuku wa
Itte wa dame yo itte wa dame yo
Rakuen nante doko ni mo nai wa saigo wa mabuta wo tojiru toki...

Gomen nante ayamaru watashi wo yurushite... shiawase ni ochite yuku..

Translation (not official)

What can you see in front of you?
A world overflowing with multicolored charms?
The most important things lie behind your eyelids.
Just close your eyes, and you will see.

You, in the flashing light, were the only one who didn't disappear
The most important things lie behind your eyelids, remember that.

I'm here, I'm here.
The warm clouds are coming closer
Don't sleep, don't sleep.
Your vacant eyes begin to twinkle it's still too early to dream. . .

Everything you believe in gets closer
I can see what holds me back clearly now there's a place only I know of

Because the most important things are behind your eyelids it's not a dream I've just found the most important place

I'm here, I'm here.
A bird arcs across the sky.
Don't be quiet, don't be quiet!
Just watch the dream go on and on.

I search, lost, for the exit I tread recklessly on thorns
The streaming blood is my overflowing emotions.
Why am I in such a hurry?

I'm here, I'm here.
The warm clouds are coming closer
Don't sleep, don't sleep.
Your vacant eyes begin to twinkle it's still too early to dream. . .

I'm here, I'm here.
A bird arcs across the sky.
Don't die, don't die!
Paradise disappears when you close your eyes for the last time. . .

Forgive me. . .and be happy.

DBSK: Soulmate -- Single: Shelter

Yeah, I love these guys! And in my humble opinion DBSK is the best of K-pop

English Lyrics: Like the wind avoids the rain, I am watching you from my shelter
Even though my love for you overflows
Can I love you? Can I hold you?
Im about to drown in my worries. I cant forgive myself for hesitating.
I want to know why, I want to know why


When we met my girl, I knew it would be like this
Do you feel me? The only one Ive been looking for
I cant breathe my word. My words turn into tears
Do you feel me? The sound of the rain that hits my heart
I always want to keep you smiling. Im sorry that I made you sad [T/N hang your head]
But please keep waiting
Dont give up your love, stay by my side
I need your love, I need your love


If I reach out my hand, my girl, Ill believe that youll be able to understand
Do you feel me? Even if there are wounds left
The place you are is my world. If you open the doors again
Do you feel me? I want to feel your sound

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trouble The Water

Trouble the Water

Here's the blurb:

Three years ago, Hurricane Katrina exposed the reality of poverty and racism in this country, and the repeated failures of the Bush Administration.

A new film, Trouble the Water, is in the theaters now. Directed and produced by Fahrenheit 9/11 producers Tia Lessin and Carl Deal, it won the 2008 Sundance Grand Jury Prize and has been heralded by critics:

" of the best American documentaries in recent memory." -- Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

"Four Stars...extraordinary." -- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"[A]n endlessly moving, artlessly magnificent tribute to people the government didn't think worth saving."--Richard Corliss, Time

I hope you take a minute and watch the preview here:

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Harry Winrob Collection of Inuit Sculpture

The Harry Winrob Collection of Inuit Sculpture
by Darlene Coward Wight (Author), Zebedee Nungak (Author)
Hardcover: 150 pages
Publisher: The Winnipeg Art Gallery / ABC Art Books Canada (March 15, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0889152403
ISBN-13: 978-0889152403
Product Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 0.6 inches
Here's the blurb

The Winrob Collection contains one of the most significant assemblages of Inuit sculpture created from bone, antler and whalebone, which due to declining availability, makes such sculptures quite rare. The collection is also notable for its wealth of innovative sculpture from the Nunavik communities of Puvirnituq, Inukjuak, and Kangiqsualujjuaq. Among the artists are Nick Sikkuark and Karoo Ashevat. Magnificently illustrated with 145 illustrations, many in color.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big Man Japan

Big Man Japan
directed by Hitoshi Matsumoto
(Magnolia, 2009)
Big Man Japan, a.k.a. Dai-Nipponjin, is a mockumentary about a Japanese superhero, played by comedian and director Hitoshi Matsumoto.

Here's a review

Here's the trailer

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Native America, Discovered and Conquered: Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, and Manifest Destiny (Paperback)

Native America, Discovered and Conquered: Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, and Manifest Destiny (Paperback)

  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Bison Books (July 1, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0803215983
  • ISBN-13: 978-0803215986
Here's the blurb:
Native America, Discovered and Conquered takes a fresh look at American history through the lens of the Doctrine of Discovery—the legal basis that Europeans and Americans used to lay claim to the land of the indigenous peoples they “discovered.” Robert J. Miller illustrates how the American colonies used the Doctrine of Discovery against the Indian nations from 1606 forward. Thomas Jefferson used the doctrine to exert American authority in the Louisiana Territory, to win the Pacific Northwest from European rivals, and to “conquer” the Indian nations. In the broader sense, these efforts began with the Founding Fathers and with Thomas Jefferson’s Corps of Discovery, and eventually the Doctrine of Discovery became part of American law, as it still is today.
Miller shows how Manifest Destiny grew directly out of the legal elements and policies of the Doctrine of Discovery and how Native peoples, whose rights stood in the way of this destiny, were “discovered” and then “conquered.” Miller’s analysis of the principles of discovery brings a new perspective and valuable insights to the study of Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, the Louisiana Purchase, the Pacific Northwest, American expansionism, and U.S. Indian policy. This Bison Books edition includes a new afterword by the author.

Here's an interview at youtube

Here's another interview up at intercontinetal cry

African Spirit -- documentary

Friday, September 18, 2009

Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message

Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message
by Chief Jake Swamp
llustrated by Erwin Printup, Jr.
ISBN 9781880000151

Here's the blurb:
For as long as anyone can remember, Mohawk parents have taught their children to start each day by giving thanks to Mother Earth. Also known as the Thanksgiving Address, this good morning message is based on the belief that the natural world is a precious and rare gift. The whole universe — from the highest stars to the tiniest blade of grass — is addressed as one great family.

Now readers of all ages can share in this tribute to the environment, adapted especially for children by Chief Jake Swamp, whose efforts to share this vision of thanksgiving take him all over the world. Chief Swamp's inspirational message, along with Erwin Printup, Jr.'s unforgettable landscapes, make Giving Thanks a timeless celebration of the spirit of nature

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feminista by Erica Kennedy

Erica Kennedy
St. Martin's Press,
Pub date: 2009.
Pages: 358
ISBN: 9780312538798

ERICA KENNEDY is a journalist who has covered entertainment and fashion for Us and In Style. She lives in New York City and Miami, Florida.

Here's the blurb:

Sydney Zamora is fiercely independent, aggressively opinionated, and utterly self-made. She’s reshaped her body (into the perfect sample-sale outfitted size 6, thank you very much), organized a life for herself as a celebrity journalist at hot magazineCachet, and strides through the canyons of New York City like she owns them. There’s just one problem: Sydney is so strong that she plays keep-away with men. But now that she’s hitting her midthirties, she wants one. Badly. For her birthday, Sydney’s sister ambushes her with the services of Mitzi Berman, $40,000 a shot Manhattan matchmaker extraordinaire. Mitzi also has her eyes on Max Cooper, the scion of Harvey’s department store, the chicest place to shop in America. And nothing could make either Sydney or Max Cooper run faster than Mitzi, with her rules and her Brooklyn accent—that is, if they didn’t concede her a point or two.
Peopled with vivid, hilarious characters, Feminista is fast-moving fiction whose themes of independence, image and the com pli - cated relationship between the sexes in the working world recall the best of Rona Jaffe.
This was just on today:

And this is her blog:

Here's an excerpt

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe's Bright Path

By Joseph Bruchac
Illustrated by S. D. Nelson

Here's the blurb

From the day he was born, Jim Thorpe's parents knew he was special. As the light shone on the road to the family's cabin, his mother gave Jim another name — Wa-tho-huck — "Bright Path."

Jim's athletic skills were evident early on, as he played outdoors and hunted with his father and twin brother. When the boys were sent to Indian boarding school, Jim struggled in academics but excelled in sports. Jim moved from school to school over the years, overcoming family tragedies, until his athletic genius was recognized by Coach Pop Warner at the Carlisle Indian School.

From the award-winning team of Joseph Bruchac and S. D. Nelson comes an inspiring biography of the young person behind the world-renowned athlete. Thorpe's story of determination and perseverance will resonate with every child who dreams of finding his or her own bright path.

There's also:

Jim Thorpe, Original All-American
Joseph Bruchac - Author

Here's the blurb:
The early years of one of America's most fascinating sports icons

Jim Thorpe was one of the greatest athletes who ever lived. He played professional football, Major League Baseball, and won Olympic gold medals in track & field. But his life wasn’t an easy one. Born on the Sac and Fox Reservation in 1887, he encountered much family tragedy, and was sent as a young boy to various Indian boarding schools—strict, cold institutions that didn’t allow their students to hold on to their Native American languages and traditions. Jim ran away from school many times, until he found his calling at Pennsylvania’s Carlisle Indian School. There, the now-legendary coach Pop Warner recognized Jim’s athletic excellence and welcomed him onto the football and track teams.

Focusing on Jim Thorpe’s years at Carlisle, this book brings his early athletic career—and especially his college football days—to life, while also dispelling some myths about him and movingly depicting the Native American experience at the turn of the twentieth century. This is a book for history buffs as well as sports fans—an illuminating and lively read about a truly great American.

And there's a new Jim Thorpe movie

Here's the trailer:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

APA Film Festival Volunteer Event

Asian Film Festival

It's that time of year again! The 10th Annual DC APA Film Festival is coming up next month, and we have our Recruitment/Volunteer meeting Wednesday, September 9th. This festival would not survive without the backbone of our fantastic volunteers who give their time to help make the festival what it is for 10 days out of every year.

It's our 10th year anniversary, and there is a ton to celebrate! Come out September 9th, Wednesday night to the Science Club near Dupont Circle to meet staff, other awesomely amazing film-minded people like yourself, and find out how you can help and be a part of the Festival. Its from 6-9 p.m. with great happy hour specials!

We will:
-Give sneak previews of the DC APA Film Festival schedule set for Oct. 1 through Oct. 10
-Learn about volunteer responsibilities and sign up for available time slots
-Hear about potential volunteer perks such as free festival t-shirts and film screenings
-Watch trailers for some of the films featured at the festival.
To learn more about the volunteer event happening Thursday night, go here. If you can't make it but still want to volunteer, email volunteer (AT)

Monday, September 14, 2009

An Interview with YA Sci-Fi Author - Zetta Elliott

Zetta Elliott is a poet, playwrite, educator and author. In her latest, "A Wish After Midnight", we meet a young protagonist who discovers that dreams can in fact come true.

Fifteen-year old Genna Colon believes wishes can come true. Frustrated by the drug dealers in her building, her family's cramped apartment, and her inability to compete with the cute girls at school, Genna finds comfort in her dreams of a better future. Almost every day she visits the garden and tosses coins into the fountain, wishing for a different life, a different home, and a different body. Little does she know that her wish will soon be granted: when Genna flees into the garden late one night, she makes a fateful wish and finds herself instantly transported back in time to Civil War-era Brooklyn.

What was your inspiration for "A Wish After Midnight?

When I was a child, I read and fell in love with The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I revisited that novel every few years, and when I finally read it again after graduate school, I realized I had had to erase myself in order NOT to see the obvious imperialist undertones. Decolonizing my imagination took a long time, and the legacy of those stories is complicated. I still love gardens, and I still believe they’re magical places and sites of constant transformation. But my mission as a writer is to merge who I was then (a black child growing up in an all-white community in Toronto) with where I am now. I’ve lived in Brooklyn for over ten years; I’ve taught city kids at community centers and museums, and I’ve done research on racial violence in the US. AWAM is a combination of all of those things, and a way for me to make the girl I once was (and the girls I once taught) the hero of her own adventure.

Read the entire interview here.

Girl, Naw!

Girl, Naw!
Debut novel by Lacricia A. Peters
Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: His Pen Publishing LLC (September 14, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0979802008
ISBN-13: 978-0979802003

Here's the blurb:
Antoinette Walker has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Those that know and respect her think she has it all, a wonderful husband, children that thrive in school, and a counseling practice that is growing by leaps and bounds. When hidden things from her past begin to surface, they threaten to destroy everything Antoinette loves. Only God can give her the strength to continue to counsel other women, as she struggles with her own issues of forgiveness. Will her faith be strong enough to help her stand in the midst of opposition?

About LaCricia A'ngelle

LaCricia A`ngelle is a licensed Evangelist, writer, and the President and CEO of His Pen Publishing LLC. A native of Chicago, LaCricia currently resides in Tennessee with her four children. Girl, Naw! is her first novel.

Her writing career began when she was a child writing songs, and short stories. LaCricia has always had a God given gift of putting words together.

As a Christian Fiction author, LaCricia not only writes for entertainment, but she also writes for ministry. Her goal in every piece of written work is to draw someone closer to Christ. The characters face real situations. LaCricia writes so that anyone can read her work and get something out of it, whether they are young or old. When you read a LaCricia A`ngelle original prepare to laugh, cry, pray, and stop to say “hmmm.”

LaCricia is an active member of Damascus Road Authors working along side authors Maurice M. Gray, Dr. Linda F. Beed, and Wanda B. Campbell.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Iqbal Masih and the Crusaders Against Child Slavery

Iqbal Masih and the Crusaders Against Child Slavery
by Susan Kukhin
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Hardcover: 144 pages
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR); 1st edition (October 15, 1998)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0805054596
ISBN-13: 978-0805054590
Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 7.7 x 0.6 inches
Shipping Weight: 1 pounds

Here's a little blurb on Iqbal's slave experience

At age four, Iqbal Masih was sold into debt bondage. In order to work off the 600 rupee ($12) loan given to his father, Iqbal tied tiny knots on a carpet loom for fourteen hours a day, six days a week.

"I had to sit in one position for many hours. I couldn't even move during work…We weren't allowed many days off. Even sick children were not allowed to rest. They also hung children upside down until they became sicker. Children were beaten…If the children fell asleep or were slow in their work, they would be punished by being beaten or starved. If we were slow we often got lashed on our backs and heads...If we tried to escape, we were threatened with being thrown in boiling oil…We were too frightened to help each other."

After six years, Iqbal was freed by the Bonded Liberation Front. He soon became an activist against child labor and helped free thousands of children. In 1995 Iqbal was shot outside of his grandmother's home in Pakistan.

-Susan Kukhin, "Iqbal Masih and the Crusaders Against Child Slavery"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Muskrat Will Be Swimming

Muskrat Will Be Swimming
Cheryl Savageau
Illustrated by Robert Hynes
Paperback, $7.95, ISBN 978-0-88448-280-2
9 x 10, 32 pages, color illustrations
Children / Native American; Grades 3-6


This is a quiet tale of a Native American girl who, with gentle guidance from her grandfather, learns to find strength, not fear, in her identity as a Native person living in an Anglo society. Beautifully illustrated and complete with a Seneca creation story, Muskrat Will Be Swimming demonstrates how the ancient stories of Native American cultures are used to help today's children find their way in the world. It is a treasure for all who have ever dealt with the fear of being different.

Cheryl Savageau grew up a "lake rat" on the shores of a lake in Massachusetts, where she spent a lot of time swimming, canoeing, and walking the shoreline. She is French and Abenaki. She lives in New Hampshire now with her husband Bill and three cats. Cheryl is a poet, quilter, and storyteller, and teaches part-time at the University of New Hampshire in Durham.

Robert Hynes's murals at the Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., launched his career, and he has illustrated several dozen adult and children's books for the National Geographic Society and other publishers. He lives in Rockville,

Cheryl will read Muskrat Will Be Swimming at a reading on September 13th at 3:00 in Concord, New Hampshire at the Sculpture Garden.

Friday, September 11, 2009

'The Princess and the Frog' Trailer 3 HD

White On Rice -- in selective theaters beginning today

White on Rice
Jimmy is 40, divorced, and shares a bunk bed with his 10-year-old nephew. For most men, this state of affairs would be ego-crushing, but Jimmy is strangely unperturbed. Despite an utter lack of social finesse, he embarks on an enthusiastic mission to replace his ex-wife with someone better. Assisted by his suave friend Tim, he wrangles dates with all the women in his office (without success) and completely flubs a set-up arranged by his sister Aiko. But worst of all, his carefree attitude provokes the ire of Aiko's straight-laced husband, Tak, who is quickly losing patience with Jimmy's freeloading. Jimmy hardly seems to notice, and when Tak's beautiful niece Ramona comes to visit, he begins to court her shamelessly. In addition to reading her diary, he pays his nephew to draw her portrait (passing it off as his own), and tries to give her a ride by breaking into Tak's car. Finally, when Jimmy shirks his responsibility to the family in order to follow Ramona to a party, the resulting mayhem causes everyone to take another look at how they relate to one another.

(USA, 2009) Dir.: David Boyle; Scr.: David Boyle, Joel Clark
35mm, 85 min., Color, Narrative, in English and Japanese w/ ES

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wiconi's latest Smoke Signals

From Wiconi's Smoke Signal

This year’s 2nd Annual Prayer Breakfast for the National Congress of American Indians ( as part of their national conference. This year it is in Palm Springs, CA. This is when elected tribal government leaders from all across the United States meet to work on issues facing Native people. There can be as many as 3-4000 people attending. Last year was our inaugural event and was a great success as seventy-five tribal leaders attended. Afterwards many of them told us how much they appreciated the opportunity to meet for a spiritual time of prayer and encouragement in the midst of intense political work. I am again organizing, programming and co-hosting the event. Wiconi International carries the weight of organizing speakers, travel, housing, etc. and programming, as well as the budget, which is $4200 this year. My hope in the coming years is to become an encourager to Native leaders beyond the prayer breakfast by facilitating a network/community of people who meet throughout the year for friendship, encouragement, accountability and support in some capacity. Thank you for your partnership with us in this important effort. To give online click here. (Visit to read of their important work).


I waxed bold and eloquent, at least in a pathetic kind of way, two weekends ago at church despite the fact that a few people were quite offended by a few things I said. You can watch a podcast of my slurmon at and find out for yourself what the big deal was.

Richard & Katherine Twiss
Co-founders, Wiconi International

There's some weird little Will Farrell skit before the sermon.

Wild Flowers

Lyah Beth LeFlore
Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Broadway (September 8, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0767921194
ISBN-13: 978-0767921190
Here's the blurb:

35-year old Chloe Davis Michaels has it all: a great job as a partner in a boutique publicity firm in Los Angeles, a handsome new husband, and a baby on the way. But no matter how things look from the outside, the reality of Chloe’s gilded life is far from perfect. Her husband has a violent streak that terrifies her, and she knows that the only way to protect her unborn child is to leave. And so with $23.11 to her name, Chloe seeks refuge in the loving arms of her Midwestern family, and returns to St. Louis to “get prayed up” and figure out her next move.

But Chloe is not the only woman in her family who is going through a crisis. And as secrets are revealed and the bonds of family are tested, the Davis women are forced to finally be honest with each other–and with themselves–in order to weather the storm.

By turns humorous and emotional, hopeful, honest, and poignant, Wildflowers is beautifully written novel that explores the complexity of the love between mothers and daughters.

Here's a piece on Essence

Broadway | Trade Paperback | September, 2009 | 978-0-7679-2119-0

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

David Choi: I can get used to this

Alex Cross's Trial by James Patterson

Alex Cross's Trial
James Patterson
New York : Little, Brown and Co., 2009.
viii, 380, 7 p. ; 25 cm.
ISBN-10: 0316070629
ISBN-13: 978-0316070621
From his grandmother, Alex Cross has heard the story of his great uncle Abraham and his struggles for survival in the era of the Ku Klux Klan. Now, Alex passes the family tale along to his own children in a novel he's written--a novel called Trial.

Connected by blood

As a lawyer in turn-of-the-century Washington D.C., Ben Corbett represents the toughest cases. Fighting against oppression and racism, he risks his family and his life in the process. When President Roosevelt asks Ben to return to his home town to investigate rumors of the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan there, he cannot refuse.

United by bravery

When he arrives in Eudora, Mississippi, Ben meets the wise Abraham Cross and his beautiful daughter, Moody. Ben enlists their help, and the two Crosses introduce him to the hidden side of the idyllic Southern town. Lynchings have become commonplace and residents of the town's black quarter live in constant fear. Ben aims to break the reign of terror--but the truth of who is really behind it could break his heart. Written in the fearless voice of Detective Alex Cross, Alex Cross's Trial is a gripping story of murder, love, and, above all, bravery.

About the Author
James Patterson is one of the bestselling writers of all time, with more than 160 million copies of his books sold worldwide. He is the author of the two most popular detective series of the past decade, featuring Alex Cross and the Women's Murder Club. He has won an Edgar Award--the mystery world's highest honor--and his novels Kiss the Girls and Along Came aSpider were made into feature films. His lifelong work to promote books and reading is reflected in his new Web site,, which helps parents, grandparents, teachers, and librarians find the very best children's books for their kids. He lives in Florida.

Richard DiLallo is a former advertising creative director. He has had numerous articles published in major magazines. He lives in Manhattan with his wife.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dikembe Mutombo Foundation, Inc.

Dikembe Mutombo Foundation, Inc.

Charitable organization established by the Congolese NBA player Dikembe Mutombo to improve the health, education and quality of life for the people of the Congo.

Mission Statement:
The Dikembe Mutombo Foundation is dedicated to improving the health, education and quality of life for the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Foundation strives to accomplish this goal through an emphasis on primary health care and disease prevention, the promotion of health policy, health research and increased access to health care education for the people of the Congo.

Working to Improve Health

Dikembe Mutombo says his aspirations have always been focused on improving the living conditions and well being of the Congolese population. On September 15, 2001, his dream became a reality as he witnessed the historic groundbreaking of the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital and Research Center, a new 10-acre, 300–bed facility dedicated to the memory of his beloved mother. Read the rest of the mission statement here

You can donate here

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I need more

I need more

by Kimberley White
New York : Dafina Books, c2009.
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Pub. Date: September 2009
ISBN-13: 9780758222107

Here's the blurb:
She Has Everything She Wants…
Dr. Erika Johnson's life couldn't get any better. Her practice is flourishing and her hunk of a husband Brock can't keep his hands off her—until the day he suddenly leaves her without a word of explanation. Stunned, Erika has no choice but to cobble together a new life on her own. When she serves Brock with divorce papers, Erika is certain he'll sign them so they can both move on. But that's when the surprises really begin…
Except The Man She Loves...
Brock is sure he did the right thing. All he ever wanted was to bring joy into Erika's life, not pain and sorrow. But when rumors reach him that Erika is seeing another man, he's torn between what he thinks is right and what he feels is right. Despite everything, there's no denying the fierce attraction she and Brock have always shared is burning hotter than ever. And when Erika finally learns Brock's secret, they must decide if they will face the uncertain future together—or apart…

"Contemporary romance"--Spine.

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Maximum Achievement Project needs book donations

Got this from my friend Dera. Am passing it on. -C

Merritt College
12500 Campus Drive
Oakland, CA 94619

September 4, 2009

Dear Authors/Publishers

I am writing to you for what I consider and what I hope you consider a good cause. I am employed by Merritt Community College in Oakland, California. In my capacity with the College I work with instructors in curriculum development and assisting students. My other capacity is working with a program, MAP. Maximum Achievement Project (MAP) is a federally funded program whose goal is to increase graduation rates of African-American males and other low-income students. Merritt College is the only college, two-year or four-year institution, in the Western U.S. that received this grant. See website:

MAP is sponsoring an African American Male Conference on Saturday, September 19, 2009 from 8:00am- 4:00pm. The theme of the conference is entitled Preparing Leaders for the World. In my capacity as staff assistant with the program, I am soliciting items for our goody bags, giveaways and prizes for the event. I come to you authors asking for copies of your books, any amount you are willing to give. The goal is to expose these young men, who are invested in obtaining higher education, to diverse literature as well as familiarize them to the writings of the plethora of Black writers in our midst. Some of the books will perhaps be added to our growing library. Please note that your donation will be considered tax deductible and you will also be acknowledged in our program. Books with men as the main character or male-centered themes are especially sought, but all donations are welcome, both fiction and nonfiction.

I hope you will join us in making this national conference a success. Please send donations to:

Merritt College
12500 Campus Drive, Q300
Oakland, CA 94619
Attn: Dera Williams/MAP

Thank you in advance for your kindness.
Dera Williams
MAP Staff Assistant
Contact info: dwilliams (A)

Friday, September 4, 2009

The White Man’s Indian: Images of the American Indian from Columbus to the Present

The White Man’s Indian: Images of the American Indian from Columbus to the Present Robert Berkhofer Jr.
Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Vintage; 1st Vintage Books ed edition (February 12, 1979)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0394727940
ISBN-13: 978-0394727943

Here's a review

Heaven Right Here

Heaven right here
Lutishia Lovely
New York : Dafina Books/Kensington Pub., c2009.
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Dafina (August 1, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0758229437
ISBN-13: 978-0758229434
In the tradition of Kimberla Lawson Roby's Curtis Black novels, Lovely delvesinto the scandalous exploits of church folk in her newest novel featuring theKingdom Citizen's congregation.

Here's an excerpt


For more information, contact: Nick Burd, (212) 334-1660, ext. 108


New York, NY, September 3, 2009—Anthony Appiah, President of PEN American Center, the national association of literary writers, and Elissa Schappell, Chair of the PEN Literary Awards Committee, have announced the winners of the 2009 PEN Beyond Margins Award. The PEN Beyond Margins Awards celebrate outstanding books by writers of color published in the United States during the previous year.

This year’s recipients are Uwem Akpan for Say You’re One of Them (Little, Brown and Company), Juan Felipe Herrera for Half of the World in Light: New and Selected Poems (University of Arizona Press), and Lily Hoang for Changing (Fairy Tale Review Press). Each will receive $1,000 and will be honored at the PEN Beyond Margins Celebration on December 2 at Housing Works Bookstore Café in New York City. The evening will feature readings and a panel discussion moderated by Jane Ciabattari, President of the National Book Critics Circle.

Uwem Akpan was born in the village of Ikot Akpan Eda in southern Nigeria. After studying philosophy and English at Creighton and Gonzaga universities, he studied theology for three years at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. He was ordained as a Jesuit priest in 2003 and received his MFA in creative writing from the University of Michigan in 2006. “My Parents’ Bedroom,” a story from his short story collection, Say You’re One of Them, was one of five short stories by African writers chosen as finalists for The Caine Prize for African Writing 2007. Say You’re One of Them also won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book (Africa Region) 2009 and was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Art Seidenbaum Award for First Fiction. In 2007, Akpan taught at a Jesuit college in Harare, Zimbabwe, and in 2008, he began ministering at Christ the King Church, Ilasamaja-Lagos, Nigeria.

Juan Felipe Herrera, son of migrant farmworkers, is a Chicano poet born in Fowler, California. In addition to his 24 books, his recent books are Half of the World in Light: New and Selected Poems (University of Arizona Press)—one of the New York Times Best Books of 2008 and winner of the 2009 National Book Critics Circle Award in Poetry and 2009 Latino International Award in Poetry—and 187 Reasons Mexicanos Can’t Cross the Border: Undocuments (City Lights), which won the 2008 PEN/Oakland Josephine Miles National Poetry Award. He is the Tomás Rivera Endowed Chair in the Department of Creative Writing at UC Riverside.

Lily Hoang's first book Parabola won the Chiasmus Press Un-Doing the Novel Contest in 2006. She is also the author of the forthcoming novels The Evolutionary Revolution (Les Figues Press) and Invisible Women (StepSister Press, 2010). She is Associate Editor of Starcherone Books.

The Beyond Margins Award is one of the many ways in which the Open Book Program encourages racial and ethnic diversity within the literary and publishing communities. The Open Book Committee works to increase the literature by, for, and about African, Arab, Asian, Caribbean, Latin, and Native Americans, and to establish access for these groups to the publishing industry. Its goal is to ensure that those who are the custodians of language and literature are representative of the American people.

For more information about the PEN Beyond Margins Awards please contact Literary Awards Program Manager Nick Burd at 212-334-1660, ext. 108, or

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On the Line by Serena Williams

On the line
Williams, Serena,
New York : Grand Central Pub., 2009.
x, 257 p.

One of the biggest stars in tennis, Serena Williams has captured every major title. Her 2009 Australia Open championship earned her the #1 world ranking for the third time in her illustrious career - and marked only the latest exclamation point on a life well and purposefully lived. As a young girl, Serena began training with an adult-sized racquet that was almost as big as her. Rather than dropping the racquet, Serena saw it as a challenge to overcome-and she has confronted every obstacle on her path to success with the same unflagging spirit. From growing up in the tough, hardscrabble neighborhood of Compton, California, to being trained by her father on public tennis courts littered with broken glass and drug paraphernalia, to becoming the top women's player in the world, Serena has proven to be an inspiration to her legions of fans both young and old. Her accomplishments have not been without struggle: being derailed by injury, devastated by the tragic shooting of her older sister, and criticized for her unorthodox approach to tennis. Yet somehow, Serena always manages to prevail. Both on the court and off, she's applied the strength and determination that helped her to become a champion to successful pursuits in philanthropy, fashion, television and film. In this compelling and poignant memoir, Serena takes an empowering look at her extraordinary life and what is still to come. .

Wind Follower painting at Rocking Chairity

Rocking Chairity

Got this email from Lee:

We rock so our youth can write!

With less than three weeks to go until our Rocking Chair-ity fundraiser on September 18th, I thought I would give you a sneak peek of the chair based on your book. It is already a fan favorite amongst the library staff members! Remember that the proceeds from the silent auction go to support our Word Warrior Workshops, where we teach at-risk youth to write, publish, market and sell their own books. Please encourage your family, friends and colleagues to support our efforts by donating online at or

Peace & Blessings,
D. Lee Hatchett

wind follower

wind follower