Friday, January 30, 2009

Jet Li on Davos

I knew I liked him for a reason. Okay, okay, I know some folks are gonna say this is just the one-world system disguising itself as brotherly love but honestly, non-Christians seek brotherhood too. So, yeah, I'll give it a shout-out. It isn't perfect, definitely...but it has a noble aim.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

KQED Writers' Block

San Francisco NPR affiliate KQED has an arts website, where it keeps an online weekly podcast called "Writer's Block" in which they feature a short (10-15 min), self-contained reading by a writer. They are really looking for writers of color that fit their guidelines (target audience 25-40 y/o so younger, edgier stuff) but are cash strapped and don't have enough staff to do adequate outreach.

They have open submissions for Writer's Block. It's my impression that you'll have a better chance if you: are hip and young-sounding, write in a "literary" fashion, have a book published

I don't think you have to be in the Bay Area, but since they record here, I think they're looking for folks who are swinging through the Bay on a book tour or something.

Please forward to Writers of color everywhere, particularly literary writers who have a book out! Here's the guidelines page:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Smoke Signals - Praying for our new President

This is from the latest Smoke Signals, the newsletter of Wiconi International, the Native American Christian group

Smoke`Signals - Praying for our new President
Richard Twiss
Jan 20, 2009

Hau kola,

By the time you read this we will have a new president of the United States. It is the global news story of our generation. I attended an “Obama party” with a group of Jesus loving, bible embracing and spirit-filled followers of Jesus the other night to enjoy some good fellowship and good food. My friends, many of them African-American, enjoyed a celebratory feeling throughout the evening.

If God is truly God, the outcome of this election came as no surprise to Jesus. Regardless of ones political ideology in relationship to biblical revelation, the swearing in of Barak Obama remains unquestionably “God’s choice” if we believe that God can work even in a democratic political system.

I have received reproof from readers for inviting us to consider the notion that God is bigger than our understanding of him. Often, these folks believe God was behind George Bush’s election – after correcting the populace’s misinformed election of Bill Clinton – twice, but believe that Barak Obama’s election is the result of a group of liberal democrats who demonstrated their power to “overturn” God’s choice.

For those who call themselves Christians, I’d much rather hear them say, “I think you’re an idiot for your political beliefs,” rather than invoking God’s name in support of their particular political opinion. That kind of language assumes they are right (from God’s point of view) and those who disagree are at the least misinformed, at best mistaken and at worst spiritually deceived. My concern is not to say one political party is more flawed than the other. They are both equally flawed for different reasons!

Regardless of who you voted for, our president, Barak Obama, is the man God has put his hand on to serve us as President of the United States. His presidency represents an opportunity for ALL Americans and people globally to seek a future filled with hope for a better tomorrow. It is truly a remarkable moment in the history of America, a country known as much for its “American Revolution” as for the genocide of our Native American people and the enslavement of African people.

An African-American serving as president of the most powerful country in the world, in light of our history, is an inspiration to people all over the world that “with God, ALL things are possible!!!”

In the parable of the two lost sons or “the prodigal son” the older son refuses to come in and celebrate the return of his brother because he disagrees with his fathers handling of the situation. If he was his dad, he would have judged and rejected his son for squandering his inheritance.

Let’s pray, walk in faith and trust in Jesus with all we got as we seek to walk in the light even as He is in the light!

Walking in the light ….

Richard Twiss
Wiconi International

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

African-American Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Conference

African-American Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators 1st Conference Apr. 25, 2009, Charlotte NC

The conference will take place at Charlotte University Place Hotel, Charlotte, North Carolina and early registration is due by Feb 1.

Email them at if you're interested in serving on the committee or would like for us to send you information on Registration. For more details go to aakulturezone website to learn more

And here is the website for the AACBWI

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Native Radio Theater Special Call for Scripts

2009 Native Radio Theater Special Call for Scripts

Life is a soap opera...or it could be. Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT) is teaming up with Media for Health and the National Society for American Indian Elderly in a Call for Scripts to be considered for production through the Native Radio Theater Project. Our goal is to produce a series of short audio dramas that would be entertaining and educational. The deadline for submissions is February 13, 2009.

NAPT's Native Radio Theater project is a partnership with Native Voices at the Autry in Los Angeles, CA.

As a public health drama, this radio program will revolve around common health concerns such as diabetes, diet and nutrition, mental health, substance abuse and other issues that are currently impacting Native communities across the country. In an entertainment-education radio drama serial, these health issues are interwoven with the personal stories of the characters who model for the audience new behaviors that can improve their lives and their communities. However, while this is a drama, in drama there is always room for humor.

This health promotion radio drama is a partnership between the Native American Public Telecommunications, the National Society for American Indian Elderly (NSAIE), Media for Health, University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health and the Corporation for National and Community Service. The project's current working title is Healing Circle. We aim to create pilot episodes for a serial (that is an ongoing story like TV "soap operas.") This call for scripts is announced with the intention of finding writers who have a serious interest in participating in an exciting and innovative radio drama while also positively impacting American Indian communities across the country.

Media for Health, a Birmingham, Alabama based non-profit dedicated to improving the public's health through entertainment-education principals, is contributing their extensive expertise in creating radio dramas "that are good for you" to this project. Media for Health has had proven success with its radio drama serials BodyLove and Keeping Up With the Walkers.

NAPT shares Native stories with the world through support of the creation, promotion and distribution of Native media with offices in Lincoln, Neb., and Albuquerque, N.M. NAPT is one of five members of the National Minority Consortia funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to provide diverse programming to PBS and other public broadcasting systems.

For more information on NAPT, go to Email
For more information about Media for Health, go to You can hear past segments of BodyLove on their website.

To keep updated about the project, please visit:

Call for Script Parameters:
- 3-4 five minute long scripts
-Three main characters
-One character should be an elder
-Should include a character dealing with diabetes or mental health problems
-Based on the principles of Entertainment-Education
-Include a title of your radio drama

Application Process:
- Complete and sign application form. By entering this contest, writers and theater companies affirm that scripts are their own work and are not under contract for pay by other theater groups.
- Submit six copies of the script using 8.5 x 11-paper with 1-inch margins and a 12-point standard typeface. The script cover page should include the title, names of all authors, name and address, phone and fax numbers, and email address of the corresponding author. Subsequent pages should include only the manuscript title and page numbers.
- Include a self-addressed stamped postcard for receipt notification.

Mail to: Robin Perenchio, Media For Health, 2917 Central Avenue, Birmingham, AL 35209
Questions? Email Robin AT Or call Robin Perenchio at 205-870-9422
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