Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Goose Girl by Joe McLellan and Matrine McLellan

Goose Girl
by Joe McLellan and Matrine McLellan
children's paperback
publication: September 2007
ISBN: 9781894717441

Price $10.95

Winner of the 2009 McNally Robinson Book of the Year Award for Young People (Younger Category)
Here's the blurb:

Many years ago,by a lake in Northern Canada, there was a young girl named Marie. She spoke French and she spoke Cree, but it was her wordless understanding with a special goose that would change her life. The geese carry the spirits of the departed to the promised land. With her special friendship Marie would soon be known as Niskaw for bringing the teachings and the healings of the geese to her people. Goose Girl is a gentle and moving story of love, faith and letting go. Co-authors Joe and Matrine McLellan live in Winnipeg where they write books and tell stories. This is the 11th book that Joe has either written or co-written with Matrine for Pemmican Publications.

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