Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Eagle Hunter's Son

Film: The Eagle Hunter's Son

The Eagle Hunter's Son is the story of a young boy's quest to become an eagle hunter like his father. His journey takes him from the Altai Mountains, which are on the border of Mongolia and Kazakhstan, to the city. On the way, his inner journey focuses on his coming of age.

Twelve-year-old Bazarbai is unlike other Nomad boys his age. He dreams of leaving behind the green pastures of his native Western Mongolian province, lured instead by the call of the urban jungle: Ulan Bator. But Bazarbai’s father has his own aspirations: One day, the young boy will make him proud by following the famed eagle hunter’s own footsteps. When Bazarbai’s brother, Khan, is forced to leave home for Ulan Bator, Bazarbai feels deeply hurt and betrayed; he should have been the one sent into the big city. In an attempt to cheer him up, Bazarbai’s father takes him to the great Eagle Festival; but the young boy is inconsolable. Suddenly, the prize eagle belonging to Bazarbai’s father flies away, scared off by a photographer’s bright camera flash. Stricken by fear and remorse that his father’s beloved pet might have escaped for good, Bazarbai decides to follow the animal, thus embarking on an adventurous journey through torrential rivers and snowy mountains that inevitably lead him to Ulan Bator - the city of his dreams. Along the way Bazarbai discovers that a happy life does not necessarily result from a departure from long-lasting traditions, but that tradition itself, deep respect for nature, friendship and loyalty form a strong unity despite constant outside threats.

In the vein of international hits such as ‘The Weeping Camel’, ‘The Eagle Hunter’s Son’ conveys poetry, rough beauty and genuine wisdom that appeals to children and adults in the best sense of substantial, edifying family entertainment. Intimate yet powerful, this superbly wellcrafted feature by Renè Bo Hansen is a thrilling and emotional story about redemption, reconciliation and resolution, shot in the sumptuous landscapes of Mongolia.

Heartland Film Content Key: FF (This program is suitable for all ages. For other films, please consult the film content key to decide if it is suitable for children in your family.)

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