Friday, September 11, 2009

White On Rice -- in selective theaters beginning today

White on Rice
Jimmy is 40, divorced, and shares a bunk bed with his 10-year-old nephew. For most men, this state of affairs would be ego-crushing, but Jimmy is strangely unperturbed. Despite an utter lack of social finesse, he embarks on an enthusiastic mission to replace his ex-wife with someone better. Assisted by his suave friend Tim, he wrangles dates with all the women in his office (without success) and completely flubs a set-up arranged by his sister Aiko. But worst of all, his carefree attitude provokes the ire of Aiko's straight-laced husband, Tak, who is quickly losing patience with Jimmy's freeloading. Jimmy hardly seems to notice, and when Tak's beautiful niece Ramona comes to visit, he begins to court her shamelessly. In addition to reading her diary, he pays his nephew to draw her portrait (passing it off as his own), and tries to give her a ride by breaking into Tak's car. Finally, when Jimmy shirks his responsibility to the family in order to follow Ramona to a party, the resulting mayhem causes everyone to take another look at how they relate to one another.

(USA, 2009) Dir.: David Boyle; Scr.: David Boyle, Joel Clark
35mm, 85 min., Color, Narrative, in English and Japanese w/ ES

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