Friday, August 14, 2009

King of India -- documentary

King of India
Here's the synopsis

A striking visual poem on a family from the "Nat" community, which traditionally works as street and carnival performers. The Nats are descendants of the ancient royal warrior community of Kshatriyas, but today they belong to no caste and are considered untouchables. After following this colourful family for six years, director Arvind Sinha achieved a position as an invisible but respectful observer. The result is a very powerful cinema vérité-style saga about an eight-member household that is both uninhibited and friendly, regardless of whether they're performing on the streets or arguing at home. We see the family as they fall into serious debt. Meanwhile, the daughters are married off one by one and the oldest son brings his young bride home to the overcrowded tent. This profound life story, lyrically captured on film with a strong eye for detail, not only depicts the emotional crises within the family, but also the complexities of Indian society.

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