Friday, October 31, 2008

October posts from across the web that made me smile

Ah! To belong to so many different sub-groups.

The speculative fiction lover part of me loved this post from Galaxy Express

Although I'm not really decided about Obama (I might vote for Ralph Nader cause yeah, he seems way more humble) this post from Electronic Village made me laugh. Hey! I'm black, I totally get it.

This was on the APOOO -- a place of our own-- blog. It's a black folks' blog but pumpkin butts always make me laugh.

Tia over at Fantasy Debut had a great post on why vampires aren't sexy for her. I totally agree.

Gospel Blog had some cute stuff too from a classic Christian humor book.

A blog over at Bollywood to Hollywood really made me smile. Although it shouldn't have. It's a post about the tragedy that affected Jennifer Hudson. And yet it's on an East Indian blog. I liked that. Multiculturality. To think that East Indians actually might care about what happens to black movie stars. Well, it was good for my soul.

Fantasy Magazine had a great list of steampunk movies, anime, etc. Okay, so I love Steampunk in film and I just can't read it in books.

This made me smile: Jeff Rivera's book is doing well. I remember hearing about him back in the day. Nice to see a brother doing successfully in specfic...and being blessed after being self-published.

A WTF? moment when this Japanese woman was arrested for killing another player's avatar when that other player -- who was her virtual husband in a shared world game-- divorced her without asking.

Another in the WTF? category: From the Salt Lake City newspaper by way of museum of hoaxes

And last but not least, by way of Angry Asian Man is this vid First Asian Boy

Here it is but the youtube url is above:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Charity: World Orphans

WORLD ORPHANS is committed to rescuing millions of ORPHANED AND ABANDONED CHILDREN, the strengthening of thousands of INDIGENOUS CHURCHES, and the impacting of hundreds of COMMUNITIES with the Gospel of Jesus Christ…through the COST-EFFECTIVE empowerment of CHURCH-BASED orphan prevention, rescue, care and transition programs in the LEAST REACHED AREAS of the world. Go to their website at: World Orphans

Monday, October 20, 2008

"Where There's Smoke" by Terra Little - Coming JAN 2009

In Where There's Smoke, Alec Avery gets an unwelcome blast from his drug-dealing, street-running past that turns his life upside down. Back in the day, he was known as “Smoke” and Anne Phillips was one of his customers. So how did they end up with a teenage son together? You do the math. Dollars make sense, but Anne didn’t always have the money to pay for what she wanted. Now Alec is paying the price.

These days he’s a military vet and a well-respected high school teacher. Just about the last thing he expects to encounter is a son he never knew he had and a bunch of foolishness that he thought he was done with. His son is out of control, experimenting with drugs and running with a rough crowd, and the last thing he expects to encounter is a long-lost father who is hell-bent on making his presence felt in a very meaningful way.

Before long, Smoke has no choice but to come out of hibernation to put some heads to bed, starting with the thugs who don’t want to turn his son loose (see book cover graphic). They didn’t count on old school meeting new school, which is their first mistake. And Alec didn’t count on drooling over the woman his son’s mother has become, but whether or not he’s making a mistake remains to be seen.

Old school contemporary fiction meets new school urban fiction between the sheets, and the resulting twisted flame won’t be easily contained. Where There’s Smoke turns up the heat in January 2009, but there are already smoke signals in the air.

Pre-order your copy on today!

Visit author Terra Little online at to read and excerpt and

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Cinetic is part of youtube's new screening program.

Here's their blurb.

Cinetic is here to bring audiences the latest, greatest, and classic festival favorites from around the globe. From award-winners by veteran filmmakers, to up-and-coming talents telling new stories, Cinetic prides itself at being on the forefront of quality indie film for the digital space. Cinetic brings the festival and arthouse experience to audiences, on demand.


I highly recomend subscribing. One could see a lot of art and foreign films that would never come to your neighborhood. (Okay, there'll be issues with subtitles sometime if one really has to get work done, but for the most part, this'll really be fun!! You know how I love movies.)

Their first full length film is the princess of Nebraska, a film about an Asian transfer student who finds herself pregnant.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System

Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System.
by Raj Patel

Today is world food day. It probably should be called world starvation day.

RAJ PATEL, former policy analyst for Food First, a leading food think tank, has worked for the World Bank, WTO and the UN, he has protested them on four continents.
Here is a review of the book. And here are part one and part two of an interview he did with Amy Goodman.

If blogger and google have issues, go directly to youtube

If blogger and google have issues, go directly to

Please check out the transcript of how the food crisis and debt crisis is affecting African-American and latino farmers
and check out this documentary on the disappearance of the black farmer.

or go to youtube to check it out

Very scary stuff...and to think my worries were that bananas were going extinct

The Secret Life of Bees

The Secret Lives of Bees

THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES, based on the New York Times best selling novel by Sue Monk Kidd and set in South Carolina in 1964, is the moving tale of Lily Owens (Fanning) a 14 year old white girl who ends up lilving with a black family and the trouble it causes in those racist times. Find a synopsis here

It also received a great review from Roger Ebert

Thursday, October 16, 2008

NCAI Native Prayer Breakfast

The first ever National Congress of American Indians National Convention Prayer Breakfast is due to take place next Thursday, October 23rd in Phoenix. It will be hosted by Richard Twiss of Wiconi International. It's the first time the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) has allowed a prayer breakfast. Bill Miller is coming to share his music, Lael Echo-hawk, Wendell Berkland, Larry Anderson and others will be sharing during our one hour breakfast.If you live in the Phoenix area and want to attend the prayer breakfast you can call our office for registration details ($25.00 cost). Please be praying for this historic first ever, ANNUAL, NCAI Prayer Breakfast!!!

And I mean definitely pray! Native American believers and Messianic Jews often have a lot of struggles within their communities because, well, let's not forget what white Christian folks have historically done.

He states in his monthly newsletter, Smoke Signals,
My new favorite poet, Hafiz, writes, “Everyone is God speaking. Why not be polite and Listen to Him?”

Then he goes on to say:
"You know, at a fundamental level it is God who initiates communication with people. Johannes Henrici says, “Communication is deeply rooted in God’s nature and it is this nature he imparted to humanity when he created us in his own image.” To paraphrase Viggo S√łgaard, communication is an ability God gave to us little images and “is the only way to be fully human.”

Before Europeans arrived here, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of the Bible…Jesus – was communicating to the Lakota, Pawnee, Apache, Navajo, Cherokee, Mohawk and hundreds of other tribal people here in Turtle Island – North America. The scripture says in Romans 1:19 "since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them.(NIV)" And in the NKJV "because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them." (NKJV)

So then, God was communicating with us Injuns through Creation, revealing his divine nature/attributes to us, while we were still in darkness, savagery, paganism and lostness. Holy cow!

So what does the voice of God sound like to you? What expression of his divine nature is God communicating to you in the midst of bad news headlines? Does he sound like a conservative republican or liberal democrat? Is he white, black, brown or earth tone? Is he a socialist, capitalist or environmentalist? Is he speaking English, Spanish, German, Chinese or Lakota? Or maybe he is just “speaking in tongues” all the time? Holy smokes! Maybe Hafiz is right, “Everyone is God speaking. Why not be polite and Listen to Him?

Now what do we do when Jesus does not appear to prefer to speak to humanity through one language, political ideology, economic policy, musical form or liturgical style? Holy cow! Maybe God “does not show favoritism, but accepts all people equally…” (Acts 10:34). But hey, we all embrace a favored “biblical” political platform, social agenda and church preference ….. and of course Jesus in on our side. So how do we befriend, and love our neighbor when they hold opposing views from ourselves.


Sixteen First Nations men and women who give leadership to networks are meeting for 2 ½ days to begin exploring new possibilities for the next generation. They covet your prayers for God-inspired outcomes!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Miracle in the Forgotten Land by Setan Lee

Miracle in the Forgotten Land (From the Killing Fields to New Life in Christ)
by Randa Lee, Terry Hill Setan Lee (Author)

Here is his part of his testimony:
One day his student ID, hidden in a small pocket, was discovered and the Khmer Rouge sentenced him to death along with three other young men. He was blindfolded, heard the screams of his friends as each one was hacked to death. When it came to his turn, Setan cried out to "The Lord of the Universe, Whoever You Are," and a male voice yelled "Stop"!! saying, "We must investigate this man further."

Although Setan was a medical student with no training in agriculture or engineering, he was given a paper and pencil and told to design an irrigation system. Miraculously, the God who saved him, provided the design and these plans are still in use today.

In 1978, the North Vietnamese attacked the Khmer Rouge, capturing Cambodian land, and they eventually invaded the camps where so many hundreds of thousands were in forced labor. The day they invaded Setan's camp, their captors scattered into the jungle to avoid the North Vietnamese, and Setan, seeing the moment to escape, ran also, hiding in a ditch for hours before he made his way through the jungle. For a month as he headed towards Thailand, he avoided land mines by stepping on dead bodies along the way, eating leaves and fruits, and drinking water from hollows in trees. When he heard soldiers approaching, he laid still for hours at a time. One day, not far from the border of Thailand, a strange man appeared, clothing tattered and he seemed barely alive. He spoke to Setan and asked him, "Do you believe in the Lord of the universe?" Setan remembered calling out to the Lord, whoever He was, and answered, "Yes, I do believe in the Lord of the universe." This strange man then said,
"His name is Jesus Christ." Suddenly, the man disappeared. Setan told us he believed that that man was a messenger from God. He said, I had never heard of Christianity, but that day I became a Christian.

They have a newsletter also:

The book about Setan and Randa Lee's story "Miracle in the Forgotten Land" finally become available in some churches' book stores throughout the US, or you can order it by:

Sent check or money order payable to:

KFC/Book/DVD Order
P.O.Box 440283
Aurora, CO 80044-0283

We are also have Setan and Randa's story in DVD motion picture "1000 Years In The Killing Fields"

* Miracle in the Forgotten Land = $12
* 1000 Years In The Killing Fields = $10

* Please add $2 for shipping and handling

Or you can order through email below:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The cybils -- children and young adult blogger lit awards

Nominations for the third annual Children's and Young Adult Bloggers'Literary Awards (the Cybils) are open now through Wednesday, October 15th. The goal of the Cybils team (some 100 bloggers) is to highlight books that are high in both literary quality and kid appeal.

This year, awards will be given in nine categories (Easy Readers, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Fiction Picture Books, Graphic Novels, Middle Grade Novels, Non-Fiction Middle Grade/Young Adult Books, Non-Fiction Picture Books, Poetry, Young Adult Novels). Anyone can nominate books in these categories(one nomination per person per category). Nominated titles must be published between January 1st and October 15th of this year, and the books must be in English (or bilingual, where one of the languages is English). To nominate titles, visit the Cybils blog between now and 15th. A separate post is available for each category - simply nominate by commenting on those individual posts. If you are not sure which category to choose for a particular book, a questions thread will also be available.

Between October 16th and January 1st, Cybils panelists (children's and young adult bloggers) will winnow the nominations down to a 5-7 book short list for each category. A second set of panelists will then select the winning titles for the different categories. The winners will be announced on February 14th, 2009.

The Cybils lists, from long lists to short lists to the lists of winners offer a wonderful resource to anyone looking for high-quality, kid-friendly books. The Cybils team has worked hard to balance democracy (anyone can nominate titles) with quality control (two rounds of panel judging by people who focus on children's books every day). They do this work because they consider it vital to get great books into the hands of children and young adults.

Please spread the word on your own blog (if you have one) and good luck if your book is nominated!

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