Wednesday, August 27, 2008


If you really like a good book cover, enter the title at: BOOK COVER CONTEST

Stepping Stones Magazine is launching a new contest for the Autumn Season!

Please vote for your favorite book cover and send it to me at this email address. rpkg at comcast. net

The cover must be graphically attractive with a font, style, and artwork that matches the genre
The cover must be professionally designed. No clip art or self-drawn covers.
The cover cannot be pornographic, sexually explicit, or offense to the majority of readers.
Votes must be in favor of the book cover, not solely a vote for the author
Stepping Stones Magazine reserves the right to determine fairness in the voting process

Write in the subject line 'SSMW Book Cover Contest'.

The cover that receives the greatest number of votes will be featured in a fall issue, along with a photo of the author, a brief interview of how the cover came about, a link to the author's website, and a link to an online bookstore where the book is available for purchase.

Runners Up will also be featured with a link to the authors' websites. Authors, you cannot vote for your own book, but you can encourage your readers to vote for you.

Please place in the body of the email...

Book Title
Author's Name

Deadline is August 30.
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