Saturday, May 10, 2008

writers of color blog tour

Hi guys:

We're trying to create a blog for writers of color. The blog will showcase things literary and creative. There are many blogs out there for Black folks, or for Hispanic folks, or for Native American folks, or Asian folks. There are blogs out there for writers. We see a need for a blog which keeps people up to date on books by people of color who happen to be writers. A truly multicultural blog that celebrates the creativity of people of color. Of course we'll put other stuff on the blog also. Politics, media, health issues etc. But the MAIN purpose is literacy and to showcase books that people of color may want to read. I'd appreciate it if you would post this information to your blog and tell others about us. Thanks.

If you're a writer (or know a writer), or if you have a blog and want to join our communal blog, please email your information to me at strongarmstudios (at) and we'll add you to our blog.

Here's our URL for you to bookmark. We hope to become one of your favorites:
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