Monday, May 19, 2008

A Conversation with new Sci-Fi Author, Valjeanne Jeffers-Thompson

For many writers, the path to writing begins with a love of books. The unfolding of a parable, the unlocking of a mystery, the ability to be transported to another place. The same things that compel us to read, for some evolve into a need, almost a calling to tell their own stories.

For Valjeanne Jeffers-Thompson, her path to writing is much the same. Raised is a creative and academic environment (her parents are writers and her mother, a college professor), she was surrounded by books and quite easily became an avid reader. “Reading was a way of transforming what was going on around you,” she says. Valjeanne developed a special love for Black literature, including the likes of Ralph Ellison and Richard Wright. Full Story

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